To call this disturbing would be an understatement … 😲🤭😳🤯 👇

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@Raynbo oh shush that is just European trash talking. You should see the shit we do to our own leaders with carnival and protest floats...

@Raynbo it's like when Iranians say death to America. It literally has the same meaning and weight as death to this traffic jam or death to taxes. Where we'd say fuck x, Iranians would say death to x. It's just that.

@Raynbo ADL and SPLC would be screaming from the rooftops if this was an Obama caricature.

@Raynbo Another great reason to abolish the 16th Amendment, so our criminals in office cant send our money to degenerates overseas.


What to abolish:


Our taxes are used to allow grifters overseas to parade around like this.

Under Trump we didn't and obviously that's what they're unhappy about.
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