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Baby stirbt durch Muttermilch von geimpfter Mutter mit Biontech Impfung.

Die Patientin erhielt die zweite Dosis des Impfstoffs von Pfizer am 17. März 2020, während sie bei der Arbeit war. Am 18. März 2020 entwickelte ihr 5 Monate alter gestillter Säugling einen Ausschlag und war innerhalb von 24 Stunden untröstlich, verweigerte die Nahrungsaufnahme und entwickelte Fieber. Die Patientin brachte das Baby in die örtliche Notaufnahme, wo Untersuchungen durchgeführt wurden und eine Blutanalyse erhöhte Leberenzyme ergab. Der Säugling wurde stationär aufgenommen, verschlechterte sich aber weiter und verstarb. Diagnose: TTP. Keine bekannten Allergien. Keine neuen Expositionen außer der Impfung der Mutter am Vortag.

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⁣And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth...

And they will deceive every one his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to

speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity.

{Jeremiah 9 vs 3,5}

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my condolence to all the families vvho already lost a loved one to the horrible crime done on them and on all of humanity!
may their deaths not have been in vane and may they shine as a light into the vvorld to light through the darkness of evil planned and done by a fevv !
much love and blessings on every mans and vvomans vvay to unite and protect life from this destruction !

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⁣Reiner Fuellmich & Leslie Manookian | People Have No Idea How Controlled Everything Is

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Which culminates & brings us to this:

>Now David brings up a good question!


Could this be "it"?

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""Houston Methodist Hospital knows it's an Experimental Biological Agent.

Houston Methodist Hospital knows it was released as an emergency measure.

Houston Methodist Hospital knows they can't legally mandate it.

Houston Methodist Hospital knows that would violate OUR constitutional rights.

Houston Methodist Hospital knows that would violate the Nuremberg code,

SUE the pants off Houston Methodist Hospital. They can't act under the color of law.""

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Israeli People Committee’s Report Find Catastrophic Side Effects Of Pfizer Vaccine To Every System In Human Body

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BREAKING: The COVID jabs are so safe that just 722,732 adverse reactions have been reported to the MHRA including seizures, Bell’s palsy, paralysis, brain damage, blindness, strokes, and sudden death... 👀

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Keep in mind that #VAERS stopped reporting about two weeks ago, so that data is incomplete, outdated, does not reflect the true current amount of #deaths from the #COVID #KILL #SHOTS, which is way above the #Europe statistics, MUCH higher then is being reported in Europe. They have already reached 8,430 dead reported as of April 24th, per the European Medicine Agency reporting system. They are at 354,177 #injuries reported. Before the #CDC #VAERS system stopped reporting, it was always HIGHER then Europe. So we are looking at somewhere around 9,500 #dead in the #US in these four months. And that only represents 1% of the real actual data, as per the #HARVARD & #CDC studies from ten years ago, only 1% of the #doctors, #hospitals register the events to this #VAERS system. And per the Del Big Tree video from a few weeks ago, the number reported is actually only 1/1000th or so of the real number!

@morrigan @Hitler @runfox @akeno @Carsh
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Johns Hopkins chart clearly shows "" disaster

No question - the current disaster in is being caused by the "" !

See the chart!

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CDNPatriots @CDN_Patriots

The only ‘variant’ you should be worried about is how a minority government mutated into a totalitarian dictatorship.

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>>The Mayo Clinic says CJD, the disease caused by , is 100% and has no treatment.

>>Some of the symptoms of ( disease) described by the Mayo Clinic include:

-like symptoms

Difficulty speaking


Odd movements

Other symptoms include emotional changes, a sharp of function and seeming changes.

>>It all ends in .

>>Once the symptoms are evident, it's already too late.

>>There is no treatment and no reversal possible.

>>mRNA vaccines may unleash a wave of "" , known as " " in (CJD)

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Überall diese Corona-Leugner und Verschwörungsschwurbler …

„Die Bundes-Notbremse sei verfassungswidrig, sagt der Präsident des Düsseldorfer Verwaltungsgerichts. Zudem greift er Angela Merkel an und stellt ihr Verhältnis zum Rechtsstaat in Frage.“

#corona #rechtsstaat #merkel #verfassungswidrig #Notbremse #Bundesnotbremse #ifsg

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